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Sitting here quietly reading an article I wrote for the most recent edition of Geelong Coast magazine on Point Henry … a subject I know really well.

Not surprisingly I choked on the peanuts I was munching on before I got through the first couple of paragraphs.  I went scrambling for the document I sent to the magazine to make sure I wasn’t imagining things.

I understand that articles need to be edited to ensure good flow and to fit within the constraints allowed for an article including images but gosh it would be good if the facts weren’t changed in the process!

I’ll let you judge:

WHAT I WROTE about the naming of Point Henry … it was named after the brig Henry which surveyed Geelong Harbour.

WHAT THEY PRINTED … A certain Brigadier Henry named the point …

Those peanuts are dangerous!  I haven’t checked the rest at this stage – I just realised how important it is for people to hear the facts first-hand.

WHAT I WROTE … some seasons reporting 70.000 visitors from Melbourne and Geelong.

WHAT THEY PRINTED … up to 70.000 a year danced …

WHAT THEY LEFT OUT … a SEASON was only for six to eight weeks a year!  Just a minor difference between 6-8 weeks and 52 weeks!

Make sure you hear my next talk live and not an edited version.

My talk on female ancestors, particularly midwives and nurses, complete with plenty tips on how to research them, will be on Wednesday 16th May, 2018, from 1.00 – 2.00 pm followed by a cuppa and chat.  Location: Kings Chapel, 130 Bellarine Highway Newcomb.  There is plenty of free off-street parking in the grounds.

Here’s your chance – it’s totally free but you DO need to book:

Kings Funerals in Geelong are hosting four talks this year – the full program can be found on their web site.

I hope to see your there – you’ll enjoy it!

Attendees will be given access to a surprise / special bonus!

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  1. rita cooper

    Hi Susie I read this with great interest and have had this happen to me it’s so frustrating. I love your site, I have a lot of history with Geelong and Irish town there. My ancestor to Australia Daniel Fahy/fahey married margaret hogan in the Catholic Church there and have lots more. I live in qld now so much harder to visit Geelong cheers rita cooper ________________________________

  2. Roxanne OSUllivan.

    Hello, I would love to hear more on Mr Benjamin Barnes, early day engineer railway bridge builder.
    Started off @ Geelong after becoming ship wrecked.
    Kind regards
    Roxanne OSullivan.

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