Digitising Shire of Bellarine Rate Books

Who lived here?Well, this is definitely an experiment – my first POLL and I have no idea what it will look like or how it will work!  So forgive me if I get it all wrong.  More and more people are trying to research where their ancestors lives, and who lived there before and after them.  Rate Books are a great tool for this type of research.

The Bellarine Historical Society in conjunction with the Geelong Heritage Centre are applying for a grant to digitise the Shire of Bellarine Rate and Valuation Books – one of the few former shires in the region that doesn’t have them digitised yet!  The digitised records will enable us to properly index them – the index will be online but not the digitised records – the grant will only cover so much and this is the first step!

We are gathering letters of support from organisations in our district but I wondered what sort of response we might get with a Blog Poll?

So here goes – the instructions say to paste this code … 🙂  Please participate and help us with the application!



The Waterholes: a history of Drysdale on the Bellarine

New book index added to Geelong & District Database.

The Waterholes: a history of Drysdale on the Bellarine, written by Lynette Willey and published by the Bellarine Historical Society Inc.  The index contains more than 740 entries of people, places, organisations and subjects relating to the the town of Drysdale and the home of the Shire of Bellarine.

This book was launched at the historic Coriyule homestead – home of the Lady Squatters – in 2011.  Copies are available from the Bellarine Historical Society.