Schools of Geelong and District

Winchelsea Wesleyan Mission SchoolNew lists and images for Schools of Geelong and District.  They are also available on one of my Pinterest Boards.

Things have been very quiet on my blogs due to intense study and assignments for my Diploma of Library and Information Services but I haven’t been quiet on my web site.  Pinterest was part of one of my assignments and when you HAVE to use something, you learn more about it and appropriate uses.  In fact Pinterest made me realise some of the work I had to do on my web site!

I’ve updated lists and images on my web site for:

There is a Pinterest Board for each of those as well as extra ones for Geelong & District Architecture and Old Geelong & District.

Of course there are plenty more entries that could be added for the different categories and I encourage you to help me find images for them – please let me know!


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  1. kay clarke

    Hi Susie Loving your latest photos of the pubs and schools etc. Although I doubt my devout Methodist family used the pubs! is there any way to print or buy one of the photos. It’s of Lara Duck Pond school which the children of my Allan Nixon would have attended. TIA Kay

    • Susie Zada

      Hi Kay – you just do what you would normally do with any image on a web page – if Windows based it’s a right-click then Save Picture As – I’m sure there is similar on a Mac or equivalent. Then if you print it or use it you should credit the source – i.e. the web site. I really don’t have time to stuff around with selling and sending things – the Duck Pond one was from the Wynd Collection – so Source: / Wynd Collection.

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