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  1. Gillian Norris (nee Menzies)

    Mafeking House was leased by my Great grandfather James Barnet Menzies around 1901. It was a guest house, later named Connewarre House and then Cathkin.
    Sands and McDougall 1906 lists “Mafeking House – Menzies J.B. boardinghouse”. He was still listed there in 1910 and moved into Geelong in approx 1914
    His son Frederick John Menzies helped him operate the guest house and later married May Foyster and ran the general store where my father John Foyster Menzies (and his siblings) grew up

  2. Susie Zada

    Hi Gillian – great to get your input – it helps us all appreciate our history even more. Did you spot the photo of your Dad, siblings and Mother on p.43? RBI went to school with Jack at Ocean Grove – don’t think your grandmother was overjoyed at this friendship – I believe they got up to a bit of mischief together back in the 1920s. Also spent this morning at a history meeting in Cressy with Michael – a most enjoyable day! … Susie Zada

  3. John Trevenen

    Hi Suzie: Many thanks for your speedy informative reply. I am researching information on the Menzies family. Both Norman and my aunt were opera singers. In the ’30’s they went to England where they were in the choir for the coronation of George VI. Tragically my aunt, aged 29, died there of complications from an appendix operation just after marrying Norman in August 1937. And sadly Norman died of TB in 1941 after coming back home. He was only 32. I’m trying to find out about his his early life.

  4. Gillian Norris

    Hi John
    My cousin Ann has very comprehensively researched the Menzies family and would have info for you. I also have quite a lot of info.
    We do know about Norman and his wife – very sad story
    I don’t know how to contact you privately through this site

    • Hank Renzenbrink

      Hi Gillian. Hank Renzenbrink is my name. I went to Ocean Grove Primary School with you. I would love to catch up one day and chat about those great days in Ocean Grove.

      • Gillian Norris

        Hi Hank
        I remember you at school! Do you still live in Ocean Grove? I now live in Geelong after being in Melbourne and Sydney over the years. You may remember my brother Michael who is in Geelong and is involved with the Historical Society

  5. John Trevenen

    Hi Gillian: I’ve given permission to Susie to give you my email address. Looking forward to hearing of the Menzies family after all these years.

  6. Karen m Nisbet

    Hi I’m looking for information about Cath-kin as my Aunty owned it . Sold it in the early 80s Sir name Ellis they have passed away in I’m after any photos ect. I have great child hood memories of this place I’d like to share with my families,,

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