Peter F B Alsop

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The Old Iron Bridge at ShelfordI can’t think of any image more appropriate than the Old Iron Bridge at Shelford to bring back memories of Peter Alsop.  Ss Peter & Paul’s Catholic Church at Ashby [Mercer Street, Geelong] would be up there and there were so many other buildings and structures with which Peter was involved but as an engineer bridge’s were hard to beat.

I say “bring back memories” because sadly Peter died 6 September 2014.  He was buried with his parents at a private funeral last week.  Our thoughts are with Peter’s close friends and respect his wish for privacy.

It is important however that all those researchers over the years who admired and benefitted from Peter’s knowledge are aware of this sad loss to our Geelong community.

Peter treasured his privacy even more after the death of his close friend, Ian Wynd, in 2003.  We have been so fortunate over the years with some major contributors to our history – Ian, Peter, Bill Morrow, Philip Brown, Ruth Hill, and Bill Smith – we’ve been spoilt and we miss them all.

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  1. Susie Zada

    Hi Julie – someone else used the expression “gentleman” and that’s exactly what Peter was – that wonderful group of Geelong researchers were gentlemen in every sense of the word. It was a privilege to know them.

  2. Bushy Boss

    As an historian and a bridge and road engineer, Peter Alsop managed to save many of the significant bridges of the Geelong district. Often by persuading more senior engineers that improved road alignments were necessary, that “incidentally” happened to save adjacent historic bridges. 🙂 For many years Peter was an active committee member of Engineering Heritage Victoria – part of the Institution of Engineers Australia.

    Like most historians, Peter kept his research close to his chest until he reckoned he was ready to publish. But if you sought help with your research, he would generously provide thorough information. He sent his manuscripts to the State Library, so we can still ask for his help 🙂

    Ken McInnes

  3. Heather Gray

    My father was a colleague of Peter Alsop’s at the CRB (later Vic Roads). He always held Peter in high regard – a bit of an eccentric character, I gather, but one of those my father always kept in touch with since his retirement nearly 30 years ago.

  4. Louise Honman

    Geelong people will miss the red bicycle (stolen and found again) and beautiful black and white Henrietta the Humber . Peter was instantly recognisable on his travels around Geelong, The street corner conversations were always interesting and there was inevitably something that Peter was involved in that he would talk about.

  5. Susie Zada

    It’s lovely – everyone remembers different things about Peter and those moments keep coming back – most of them bring a smile to your face. 🙂

  6. Michael Menzies

    Suzie, Louise and others have summed Peter up beautifully. Perhaps a bit eccentric (many of us are?) but a great gentleman and very helpful to further your knowledge if you had started the hard work of researching a particular topic. A sad loss, but he has left us a great legacy of written works and memories.

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