Ocean Grove Chalet – Shire of Bellarine Centenary celebrations

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Friday 12 November 1965 – the day-long celebrations commemorating the Centenary of the Shire of Bellarine ended at the Ocean Grove Chalet when Sir Rohan and Lady Delacombe departed for Melbourne.

These tables laid out for a meal were not used as part of the celebration – that is obvious from the image of the guests standing enjoying their afternoon tea.

What other photos exist showing the inside of the Chalet?

There are so many different photos showing the outside but probably only wedding photos show any of the rooms inside the Chalet.

The Chalet was known under various names during its lifetime:

  • Ocean Grove Coffee Palace / The Coffee Palace
  • Ocean Grove House
  • Green Gables
  • Ocean Grove Chalet / The Chalet
  • Arkana Lodge

Below are documents related to the Shire of Bellarine Centenary Celebrations, photos from the Ocean Grove Chalet – all taken on Friday 12 November 1965, the Visitors book starting with Sir Rohan and Lady Delacombe’s signatures, and a pamphlet for the renamed Arkana Lodge.

Copy of the Shire of Bellarine Centenary Celebrations.  This includes the program for the day showing the official party arriving at the Ocean Grove Memorial Reserve at 2.55 pm. Shire of Bellarine Centenary Book
The Governor, Sir Rohan Delacombe and Lady Delacombe being greeted at the Ocean Grove Chalet by the owners, Mr & Mrs Andrew WILSON.
Part of the official party.
The Governor, Sir Rohan Delacombe, signing the visitors’ book.
The Ocean Grove Chalet Visitors’ Book – 12 Nov 1965 to 10 Feb 1969 Ocean Grove Chalet 12 Nov 1965 to 10 Feb 1969
Afternoon tea at the Ocean Grove Chalet
The Victoria Police Band on the lawn in front of the Ocean Grove Chalet
Arkana Lodge promotional pamphlet Arkana Lodge

Andy Wilson, the last owner of the Chalet / Arkana Lodge, passed away in 2015 just a few weeks short of his 99th birthday.

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