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WilhelmsruheOK – my holidays end tonight so the output will slow down but I just wanted to get this last bit working.  Then I will have a formula to follow for the updates to the Ocean Grove land titles.  I’m concerned that things are different because it’s my blog site, so I need others to give this a try and let me know if it works for them!  Please? 🙂

After a lot of experimenting I have decided to start adding old photos of places in old Ocean Grove.  The simplest option for my database is adding a URL / link to the images which I have added to this blog site.  Unfortunately, as most of you probably know, PDF files now perform quite different in different browsers, and also, as the blog owner I may be able to access more than the “ordinary” people out there – that’s why I need your help.

I’ve updated the Detailed report for Section B with some more place names as well as links for images.

What I’ve found for my setup – the links don’t work in MS Internet Explorer, Firefox or Google Chrome if I try to open the PDF file within the browser.  If I save the PDF file to my hard drive or download it, then the links work fine.  Obviously it also works if I copy and paste the image link into my browser.

Once you have the PDF file for Section B, scroll through to these Lot numbers – B155, B156, B160, B169 and B210 – all of these have images added to them.

My fingers are crossed that this works for most people – it’s certainly the easiest for my database setup.

OH – and if you have old photos of any places in the old Ocean Grove land titles – they would be most welcome to add to this database for others to enjoy.

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  1. Norma Bakker

    I’m using a Mac 10.6.8 with Firefox as a browser and it worked beautifully. You have been busy.


    “As one goes through life, one learns that if you don’t paddle your own canoe, you don’t move.”

    Katherine Hepburn

  2. Susie Zada

    Thanks Norma – so far everyone has been able to view the images one way or another – all good! … Susie Z

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