Geelong Naval and Maritime Museum

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Geelong Naval & Maritime MuseumSometimes I get cross and sometimes I get over it and other times I just have to speak out.

What makes me cross?  When a group of volunteers work hard for their group and they just don’t get the support they deserve!  The Geelong Naval & Maritime Museum is one such case.  Years ago I created a page on my web site for this worthy group.  I was later asked to remove that page as the City of Greater Geelong was catering for them on their updated and upgraded web site.  I had no problems with that request because things like opening times can change and it was better for there to be an “official” site.  As with all other societies and museums in the region, I added them to my Geelong & District Research Centres page with a link to the City of Greater Geelong web site.

Last night I received an email from someone in Melbourne asking if the Geelong Naval & Maritime Museum was closed as the link no longer worked and searching the City of Greater Geelong web site didn’t come up with any matches for the Museum.

I eventually found a web page [not the City of Greater Geelong] however the opening times proved to be wrong.

OK – it’s easy to say that any group can create their own web page, but in this case the Museum is owned by the City of Greater Geelong and they HAD been included on the CoGG web site.  So why has the City of Greater Geelong removed them?  It could be a genuine mistake or oversight but whatever the reason, it’s WRONG!  I hope that the City of Greater Geelong fixes this omission and supports the volunteers at the Geelong Naval & Maritime Museum.

The current details:

Geelong Naval & Maritime Museum
rear of “Osborne House”
Swinburne Street
North Geelong Vic 3215
Open: Daily except Saturday, 10.00 am – 3.00 pm
Phone: 5277 3808

Get behind the Geelong Naval & Maritime Museum – visit them and show your support and/or ask the City of Greater Geelong why they are no longer supporting them on their web site!

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  1. lynda reid

    I’m new to your blog, but I love you already. Thanks for this latest post – I never knew there was such a museum in Geelong and to discover it was at the first Naval College…. Bliss! Just waiting for my first available day to visit.Lynda

    Date: Sun, 28 Jul 2013 01:45:53 +0000 To:

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