Geelong Advertiser … 24th June 2012 update!

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I think we’ve all been holding our breath after the National Library said [in January 2012] the following would occur …

The papers are currently being scanned and hopefully would be completed by the end of the financial year [June 2012].  The papers in this lot are:

    • Geelong Advertiser and Squatters’ Advocate (28 May 1845-26 Oct 1847)
    • Geelong Advertiser (29 Oct 1847-20 Dec 1851)
    • Geelong Advertiser and Intelligencer (22 Dec 1851-9 Aug 1856)

Now for the latest news!

It is so close you can smell it!  If you go to TROVE and search for Geelong Advertiser you’ll see what I mean!  For the results which include the title(s) and date range shown above it also shows the magic words [coming soon].

A layman’s interpretation is the OCR / text part is loaded [or in the process of being loaded] and the images will follow.

The bottom line is that it is VERY CLOSE!

I suggest that everyone gets some extra sleep in preparation for some LONG nights searching the Addy.

And for those that want 1843 or 1857 or later – let’s be very grateful that at least it’s started and there will be more to come.

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  1. Liz Seaton

    HI Susie and all others.
    What a great day for Family History-ers.

    Can’t wait to find more about the early days of Geelong.

    Fingers crossed there may be info on the Zes Gesusters aka Six Sisters, whose arrival in Geelong in Jan 1853 with my gtgtGPs and many others from the UK, including Robert Balding, will be celebrated next January at Geelong by descendants of the passengers.

    This latest addition to available info on Geelong will be a boon to all.

    Huge congratulations and many thanks for the Geelong databases, which is a phenomenal resource.

    Liz Dedman Seaton

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