Good Morning Geelong!

Are you curious to know what your DNA reveals about your heritage? 

Eureka Productions in association with is researching for an exciting new documentary series for a respected national broadcaster.

We are looking to tell Australia’s history through a combination of genealogical research and DNA testing and would like to invite both residents and business owners from Geelong to take part.

This is a unique opportunity to be involved in a first of its kind investigation and we would like to hear from you.

If you’d like to register your interest, please use the following link


So you know more about who we are, Eureka is part of the global-reaching Fremantle Group and we have made a raft of successful programmes such as Grand Designs Australia, Restoration Australia, the Recording Studio, This Is Going to Be Big and Tony Armstrong’s Extra-Ordinary Things.

2 Responses

  1. Debbie C Snyder

    Hello, I was born in Geelong, and still have many family members residing there.
    I no longer live in Geelong.
    Is this a requirement?
    However I do reside in USA.
    I’m a Geelong girl who worked for Disney with my American husband, making MARVEL movies.
    Let us know if you would like me to register.
    Warm regards
    Debbie Snyder

    • admin

      There is absolutely no point in asking me that question – all I did was post the flyer and details FOR Eureka! You need to contact THEM. The link / or QR code is on the flyer / blog!

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