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Rev Thomas QUINTONThe Reverend Thomas QUINTON is one of our local Church of England ministers extracted from the Cable Clergy Index.  This terrific index has on average about half a page of biographical details for each entry – definitely worth checking and going back to the details in the original index.

The Bye-Laws of the Geelong Infirmary & Benevolent Asylum contain some interesting items!

1879: Bye-Law number 61: PERSONS NOT ADMISSABLE

No pregnant female for the purpose of confinement; no insane person, except on remand for medical examination in the Lunatic Ward; no one having a contagious or infectious disease; no one subject to epilepsy; nor any one who, in the opinion of the Surgeon, might receive equal benefit as an out-patient, shall be admitted; and no child under five years of age shall be admitted, except in case of accident or for a surgical operation; nor, except under special circumstances shall patients be admitted from other districts where hospitals exist.  Provided that the House Committee or Officers of the Institution, shall have discretionary power to admit such prohibited cases, and shall report upon the exercise of such power to the next general meeting of the Committee of Management.

It was the 58th Annual Report for 1909-1910 before Bye-Law number 61 had been changed and pregnant females were no longer classed as “Persons not Admissible”.

We now have 1,501,852 records in the Geelong and District database.  This is what’s been added since the last major update on 9 February 2014:

  • Geelong District: Nurses from the Victoria Government Gazette 1935-1939 – 865 entries
  • Geelong District: Surnames of Interest – 18 entries
  • Geelong Infirmary & Benevolent Asylum: Annual Report 1879 & 1905 – 4,225 entries
  • Geelong District: Street Names [history of] – 4,654 entries
  • St Augustine’s and the Christian Brothers [book] – 1,018 entries
  • Geelong District: Anglican Clergy – 496 entries

Details on these indexes can be found in the Geelong & District Potpourri pages and the Geelong & District List of Books.

And don’t forget to search again for your ancestors in the Geelong & District Database – they could have been in the last load of additions!

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