Can you help with this image?

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Can you help identify this photo?  It was left in Geelong and we are trying to work out who it is and if possible locate descendants of the family.


In its frame, it is 60 cm high and 45 cm wide.


Details found on the reverse of the photo are shown below but there are no other indicators or photographer’s details.













If you think you can help, please contact Susie Zada via our Contact Us form.

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  1. Anne Nolan

    Hi Suzie,
    This looks very like my grandfather’s adopted mother, Louisa Jane Steen née Hobbs. If not her could be one of her sisters, she had six. Parents John Lowe Hobbs and Ann Phoebe Jane Austin. Steen and Hobbs families both from the Geelong area. I’ve put photos of her on the Unidentified photos Australia Facebook site.

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