Geelong and District web site – need your help!

Really really sadThis is how I feel at the moment with 25 years of work wiped off the Internet through no fault of my own.

It could be worse – I have the complete database – more than 1.7 million records – on my desktop and backed up off site.  And I have a reasonably recent backup of the Joomla web site – I say reasonably because that’s when the problem started – back in March 2016.  The company that had been hosting my web site was bought out in 2015 by another company.  The current one I call Company F for the time being.  Since I started my database back in 1992 there has been a progression of companies – the first went bust, the second (B) bought out by (C) and so on until the current – Company F.

My current urgent requirement:

  • Recommendation of web hosting company for a Joomla web site (older version).
  • Transfer my Domain Name to the new web host.
  • Set up my Joomla web site complete with SQL database on the new web host.

My secondary requirement

  • Convert the old Joomla web site to the latest version.

I’m not expecting this for nothing but I will need to set up some crowd funding to pay for it.  And I can’t do that until I can get a realistic quote to do it!

I’ve sent out emails to some contacts who might know someone who might know someone who can help.

I’m waiting for Company F to return the USB to me – with a complete copy of my web site and database etc.

Why am I not still using Company F?  NO CHOICE!

  • After agreeing to become a Company F Customer – for supposedly less than I was being charged by Company E which they have now owned for almost 2 years – I had a Company F Customer Number.
  • After pulling the plug on the server I was on, they promised to have it all up and running in the middle of January.  DIDN’T HAPPEN.
  • After promising to send me an email confirming they had done this – DIDN’T HAPPEN.
  • Then Company F had the nerve to tell me I needed to find another web hosting company because this wasn’t their core business and they weren’t going to get my site up and running.
  • Then they had the nerve to send me an invoice – to be taken directly out of my account – for a LARGE amount of money – for hosting my site!

multicrysadThis is how I feel now and I really do need your help – find me the right person who can help!

And never trust companies, who buy out others, to tell the truth and honour any existing agreements!


  1. Hi Susie! So sad. Yet I am pleased that you have back-ups. So important for all
    computer users. I would be mortified if I lost my lot. It is bad enough when the system goes down. I sometimes think a broken leg would be easier to cope with. Get your crowd funding going. You have a supporter here. Regards…


  2. Thanks Richard – I’ve had so many emails complaining that they can’t access my database! Hopefully they’ll be just as vocal when I get to the crowd funding stage.

    Advise on a good crown funding site wouldn’t go astray!

    Thank you – moral support helps as well – it’s so gut wrenching.


  3. Susie, I am sorry, to hear this. I am a member of the Guild of One-Name Studies who had an issue a few years back. They switched to Krystal and they are very helpful. Contact them, mention the Guild has recommended them and see what they quote. (I will not receive a kickback from this recommendation! I recommend them as they are used to working with us that have databases of genealogical material). Let me know how you get on. Good luck!

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  4. Susie I contacted friends who are in this line of business and they are happy to have a chat with you as to possible pathways forward from where you are now. They are NOT Company F – I checked!!!
    Email me and I will pass on their phone number.

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  5. Hi Susie

    I can’t seem to get my reply to show on your site. This site reviews various Joomla hosts,

    Siteground is one of them and looks good

    I guess there would be no harm in talking with eg Site ground would give you an idea how much it would cost to transfer to them. They at least have the inhouse service for this.

    Good luck,

    Shirley Strachan


  6. Suzie, I feel devastated for you. VAFHO uses Siteground (have done for 2 years) and we’ve not had any problems. Keep your chin up & get the crowd funding going ASAP.


  7. OMG, Susie a few years back I received valued info from your website and the Colac historical society.

    I use a company called Havealook…would not recommend. Same story.

    Best wishes


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  8. So sorry Suzie, I hope you find yourself in a position to name the company asap. Support here for your


  9. Dear Susie,

    So sorry to hear of your problem with F. I have no answer for you but I do send my best wishes and support.

    Denis Robertson

    On Sun, Jan 29, 2017 at 11:00 AM, Geelong and District wrote:

    > Susie Zada posted: “This is how I feel at the moment with 25 years of work > wiped off the Internet through no fault of my own. It could be worse – I > have the complete database – more than 1.7 million records – on my desktop > and backed up off site. And I have a reasonably ” >

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  10. Hi Susie, so, so sorry to hear of this, and devastating, but at least you do have backups. I hear to many horror stories about people losing their entire tree because it wasn’t backup (or backup up off site), anyway I have no doubt that you’ll be up and running soon, and I’m sure it’ll bebetter than ever. And when you do get your crowdfunding up please let me know, happy to help out with support and spreading the word.

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  11. Hi Suzie,

    Contact Deakin Uni and tell them your situation. They have young whizkids who should be able to help. They are up to date with everything and what seems extremely difficult to us is a breeze for them.



    Sent from Outlook


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  12. Hi Suzie
    I feel your pain and extend my moral support to you as well. The Deakin Uni suggestion by Greg is one very much worth investigating. I only wish I could help you further, as your pages are such an invaluable resource for all researchers. Both you and your site have been helpful to me many times in my own family history research over the years, so I hope all these unnecessary troubles get sorted out for you very soon so your stress levels can return to normal.
    Cheers for now
    Neil Gill

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  13. Hi Susie,
    So sorry to hear of your dilemma!
    I agree, the Deakin Uni suggestion is worth a try, as they may not even charge you, or may not charge very much, especially if the students can help you as part of their prac work. You never know! 🙂
    I do hope you can get it all sorted and back on track.
    All the best! 🙂



  14. Hi Susie
    I use for my wordpress blog and a number of websites. They do support Joomla although I’m not sure what version currently. I find them cheap and easy to use. My website is All the best with getting your site back up and running. Kylie


  15. Hi Susie, I might be able to help you with webhosting but would need some more information such as the size of the database, average number of visitors you get per month and how much bandwidth you typically require.

    I host a number of small business websites as well as my own family tree ( and blog, and with my personal interest in family history would be able to offer a discount on pricing to keep this valuable resource online and available.

    Feel free to get in touch via my family tree link if you’d like to discuss.


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