History Week – did you know?

2000 - close finish.  Image source: downunder exposuresEven a lot of Ocean Grove people don’t know this part of our history!  It was unique in Australia and therefore unique in Victoria AND our region – the Ocean Grove Races featuring the Ocean Grove Cup.

As the photo shows – it was a close thing at the finish line with the horses – it was also a close call to see if they finished the race before the tide came in much further.

Read ALL about the famous Ocean Grove Races as well as seeing all the of race books – fully digitised and available for download.

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It really doesn't matter if it's Local History or Family History [genealogy] - I just love it ... Susie Zada

3 Responses to History Week – did you know?

  1. Martin Hooper says:

    Thank you for your interesting posts…I do enjoy them…

    Martin Hooper



  2. Dianne Wilson says:

    Great article on the races..I can’t remember why they were cancelled. H & S I suppose. Thanks Susie.


    • Susie Zada says:

      You’re right – a combination of OH&S and exorbitant insurance costs! Thankfully a few people made sure we didn’t lose the history – newspaper clippings, photos and race books. Those people brought them to me and said – what can we do with them? They will end up in an archive – local historical society or centre, but in the meantime I’m making sure we have them digitally preserved for all to enjoy.


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