Latest additions to database

Geelong City Band Honor BandThe latest additions to the Geelong and District database are a real mixture.  Of particular interest are two indexes from the late Brian Fallon – WWI volunteers and soldiers’ awards in our region.  There are a multitude of on-line databases for researching our WWI ancestors, however these indexes produced by Brian over many years are well worth including in our local database.

This is the list of additions since 30 December making a total of 1,319,039 entries in the database:

  • Geelong District: Honor Boards [additions] – 197 entries
  • Geelong District: WWI Volunteers [Brian Fallon Index] – 2,436 entries
  • Geelong District: WWI Soldiers’ Awards [Brian Fallon Index] – 241 entries
  • Geelong District: Police Court Reports from the Geelong Advertiser 1850-1856 – 1,881 entries
  • Geelong District: Geelong Court of Insolvency c.1854-1933 [VPRS 815], miscellaneous files – 322 entries
  • Geelong District: Crown Land – Petition for Wetern Baths jetty and bath houses [VPRS 242] – 155 entries
  • South Barwon: Court of Petty Sessions Registers 1867 [VPRS 350] – 136 entries

Details on these indexes can be found in the Geelong & District Potpourri pages.

And don’t forget to search again for your ancestors in the Geelong & District Database – they could have been in the last load of additions!

ALL Victorian school names AND numbers

Just after Christmas we added a major index to the Geelong & District Database.

In the database, you can search for any Victorian school [pre 1975] by number OR [part] name.  And of course if they are schools in the Geelong district you may find more than just the new entries from Vision and Realisation.

You also have a second option – rather than searching our database, you can download PDF files by name or number from the Genealogical Society of Victoria blog site.  These lists now cover Volume 2 and Volume 3 – the complete list from Vision and Realisation.

The lists include the school name, school number, region, volume number and page number in Vision and Realisation.