Colac Cemetery burials

We have just added 12,211 entries to the Geelong & District Database – these are burials in Colac Cemetery [extracted from the headstones].

We have to thank Ian Marr for permission to include these entries in the Geelong & District Database – for anyone who hasn’t looked at Ian Marr’s Cemeteries of South Western Victoria then you are missing an amazing project.

You won’t find the entries in Ian’s on-line Surname Index because there are just too many – 12,211 entries and and more than 7,000 headstone photographs for the Colac Cemetery.  For the very large cemeteries in the region, they are included on the CD / DVD / USB instead of on-line – making sure that people can still search the thousands of other entries at all the smaller Cemeteries.

Ian has priced the complete set of cemeteries at an extremely affordable price and no-one should criticise him for trying to recoup some of the costs [including petrol] that he has expended over the years.  Congratulations Ian – a really fantastic job – and he’s still going!

Colac in North Carolina!

It was an exciting time for our region last Thursday [19th May] … Colac & District Historical Society were joint winners in their category in the Sir Rupert Hamer Records Management Awards!

Not only was it exciting for them to win the award but their entry is an amazing story.  Their member, Dawn Peel, was the instigator when she found a reference to the Colac Court of Petty Sessions 1849-1860 in the special collections at Duke University, Durham, North Carolina.  She thought it was an error until the duty librarian scanned the first few pages … they included the name of Hugh MURRAY (pictured) … she then knew it was no error.

You can read the whole story on the PROV Wiki site.  This is an amazing blend of history and technology … a digital copy of the register is available on a server in the United States, the story and full transcription of the register is on a server at the Public Record Office Victoria, and the full index is included in the Geelong & District database on yet another server in Victoria!

Congratulations to Dawn and the Colac & District Historical Society on their win in the category “Community Archives – providing enhanced records access” and congratulations also to the Knox Historical Society for their project on school photos – both were worthy joint winners.

All category winners can be seen on the PROV web site with more details on the projects to be added there later.