Colac Court of Petty Sessions 1860- [VPRS 301]

The Colac Court of Petty Sessions [VPRS 301] is being indexed by our Geelong & District volunteers.

Currently 1483 entries have been added to the Geelong & District Database.

This is an ongoing project – the following entries have been added to date:

  • VPRS 301 / 25  [21 Mar 1860 – 14 Nov 1860 DONE]
  • VPRS 301 / 27 [6 Jan 1869 – 22 Apr 1870 DONE]
  • VPRS 301 / 55 [14 Aug 1914 – 8 Oct 1914 DONE]

Details include:

  • NAME: Either Prosecutor / Complainant / Applicant OR Defendant – COMMENT field will explain which
  • DATE: of court sitting
  • OTHER NAMES: Either Prosecutor / Complainant / Applicant OR Defendant – COMMENT field will explain which
  • COMMENT: Reason for court appearance, and explanation of NAME and OTHER NAMES field for EACH entry
  • REFERENCE: VPRS number and UNIT number (entries are in chronological order)

Farmland, Forest & Surf: Environmental History

New book index added to Geelong & District Database.

Farmland, Forest & Surf: Environmental History, prepared by Dr Carlotta Kellaway (1998), revised & updated by Dr David Rowe (2009) as part of the Surf Coast Shire Heritage Study Stage 2B (2009).  This publication of the Environmental History from the Heritage Study was produced by the Surf Coast Shire (2010).

Introduction: The Surf Coast Shire’s special landscape features and natural beauties have been identified over many decades as factors that have contributed to its popularity both as a holiday and resort place, and a desirable place to live and work.  Although close to Melbourne and to Geelong, Victoria’s second largest town, the Shire (an amalgam of parts of the former Shires of Barrabool, South Barwon and Winchelsea) is notable for its attractive natural features and relatively undeveloped condition.  It includes coastal holiday places along the Great Ocean Road, large areas of national park and forest reserves, and extensive pastoral landscapes.

This publication includes the following chapters: The Natural Environment; Arrival and Settlement; Economic Development in the Shire; Transport and Communications; Towns; Governing the Shire; Holidaying at Surf Coast; Community Life; Housing; and an extensive bibliography.

The Waterholes: a history of Drysdale on the Bellarine

New book index added to Geelong & District Database.

The Waterholes: a history of Drysdale on the Bellarine, written by Lynette Willey and published by the Bellarine Historical Society Inc.  The index contains more than 740 entries of people, places, organisations and subjects relating to the the town of Drysdale and the home of the Shire of Bellarine.

This book was launched at the historic Coriyule homestead – home of the Lady Squatters – in 2011.  Copies are available from the Bellarine Historical Society.

Geelong Heritage Centre: Open Day

For those who struggle to get to the Geelong Heritage Centre during the week [open Tue-Thu] here’s a great opportunity.

The Centre will be open on Sunday 17th April from 11.00 am to 4.00 pm to co-incide with the Geelong Heritage Festival.

See the Geelong & District Events calendar for full details.  While you’re there, have a look at the other events in Geelong & District.

Year of Hope: 1857 in the Colac district

New book index added to Geelong & District Database.

Year of Hope: 1857 in the Colac district written by Dawn Peel.  The index added to the database includes 1300 Colac residents of 1857 from the appendices in this book.

From the back cover: The Colony of Victoria. January 1857 …

It’s just two years since the Eureka Rebellion. Former miners and ex-convicts are joining with new immigrants to challenge the 20-year domination by squatters in the developing Western District of Victoria. Traditional Aboriginal life has been irreversibly changed.

These are the forces at play in the young township of Colac at the start of 1857. Professional historian Dawn Peel takes us through the following twelve months with a factual and fascinating account of power, religion, class and race in both this local area and the fledgling Victorian colony during its first full year of responsible government.

Key personalities and the social life of a colonial township are also illustrated as Year of Hope creates a detailed vignette of this pivotal year.

Dr Peel has uncovered a wealth of primary sources and other data during her extensive research for this academic and readable study of a key settlement at a vital moment in history.

The book is available from the author – email to check price and availability.