Winchelsea cemetery: burials

New list of burials has been added to the Geelong & District Database.

There are more than 1800 burials in this list for the Winchelsea cemetery.

The History of Colac and District

New book index added to Geelong & District Database.

The History of Colac and District was compiled by Isaac Hebb in 1970.  This was a limited edition publication which has been out-of-print for some years.  This history was originally printed in 1888 as a series of articles in the local press.  There are more than 400 pages in this wonderful book.

Peterborough, Port Campbell, Princetown: tourist, historical and fishing guide

New book index added to Geelong & District Database.

Peterborough, Port Campbell, Princetown: tourist, historical and fishing guide written by Jack Loney and published in 1977

Lorne: a Living History

New book index added to Geelong & District Database

Lorne: a Living History was written by Doug Stirling and published in 2004.

Colac: Court of Requests Day Book 1850-1857 [VPRS 16626]

Added index to the Geelong & District database and full transcription to the PROV Wiki.

New database to search

I’ve combined the five major databases and numerous smaller ones into a single searchable database but with the flexibility to narrow the search by Groups [which generally equate to former databases] and Index Titles [sub groups within the database or items such as Book Titles].

There are more than 800,000 entries but don’t forget to read the tips, warnings and information section to get the most out of your search.

Try it out!

Where is Geelong and District?

It is in Victoria, Australia.

The boundaries are not rigid but basically cover an arc from the Otways up to a little south of Ballarat, across to Werribee and all points to the south east of that area.

Map showing approximate area known as "Geelong and District"

The region is rich in history and played a major part in the early history of Victoria.
There are numerous local and family history societies and museums that are a wonderful resource for anyone researching in our region.
The Geelong & District web site will help you with that research.

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