Geelong & District Surnames of Interest

Well – this one is exciting.  The former Geelong & District Surnames of Interest was still in the old HTML format and not searchable in my web site – you used to have to select a letter of the alphabet and browse the names.

I was going to bring it into the 21st century when I realised there was an even better way!  The Surnames of Interest entries have now been added to the New Geelong & District Database.

I’ve included all those on the former web pages plus some more – I still have a backlog to add which will be done progressively – I only need another dozen hours in a day! :-Q

There is an explanation on this function called “About the Surnames of Interest DB” and don’t forget to follow the Help and Tips links from the Database search page.

I think people are more likely to find and contact Submitters of Surnames of Interest as they will appear in the same search for surnames in the database – make sense?  Have a play and see!

About Susie Zada
It really doesn't matter if it's Local History or Family History [genealogy] - I just love it ... Susie Zada

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