Geelong & District Surnames of Interest

Well – this one is exciting.  The former Geelong & District Surnames of Interest was still in the old HTML format and not searchable in my web site – you used to have to select a letter of the alphabet and browse the names.

I was going to bring it into the 21st century when I realised there was an even better way!  The Surnames of Interest entries have now been added to the New Geelong & District Database.

I’ve included all those on the former web pages plus some more – I still have a backlog to add which will be done progressively – I only need another dozen hours in a day! :-Q

There is an explanation on this function called “About the Surnames of Interest DB” and don’t forget to follow the Help and Tips links from the Database search page.

I think people are more likely to find and contact Submitters of Surnames of Interest as they will appear in the same search for surnames in the database – make sense?  Have a play and see!

1863 Geelong & District entries from Vic Gov Gazette

100s of entries for our region have been extracted from the 1863 Victoria Government Gazette and are now in our Geelong & District Database

Otway Schools in Retrospect 1890-1972

Book index for “Otway Schools in Retrospect 1890-1972” is now in the Geelong & District Database


Still learning

Reasonably happy with my Geelong and District blog site but still “fiddling” to get the Facebook connection working the way I want – so I’m still learning and hopefully you’ll learn a lot more from both the Geelong and District web site and the blogs!

Unlock the Past Victorian Expo (Geelong)

This is so exciting – after some months of planning it’s now a reality and a MUST for your diary! Friday 2nd and Saturday 3rd September 2011.

A major history-genealogy-heritage event for all Victoria.

See our Geelong & District Calendar & Events.

And for full details and future information on the program, bookings etc. make sure you bookmark the Unlock the Past Victorian Expo (Geelong) web site.

Groups from throughout our region will be there in force with all their expertise and local knowledge.  And of course it will be a chance for you to meet some of our wonderful volunteers who have provided so much to the Geelong & District Database.

And of course it’s not limited to our region as all the major Melbourne and Victorian groups and organisations will be invited to participate in the EXPO – that’s why it’s called the “Victorian Expo”!

We’re thrilled with the venue – lots of free car parking, 2 minutes from the North Geelong station, easy access from Melbourne, and of course we haven’t forgotten our friends from the east side of Port Phillip Bay – why not enjoy a lovely trip across the bay on the Sorrento-Queenscliff ferry?

Of course there’ll be heaps of announcements between now and the EXPO so put the dates in your diary and keep your eyes and ears open!

Look forward to seeing you there.

We’ve just topped 800,000 entries!

The Geelong & District Database and sundry indexes on the web site now totals 800,185 entries – a huge thank you to our wonderful volunteers who contribute to this project.

Geelong district entries from 1863

628 local entries from the Geelong District from the Victoria Government gazette added to Geelong & District Database.

Winchelsea rate books 1895-96

Another year of the Winchelsea Rate Books has been added to Geelong & District Database.

This completes the current planned indexes for these rate books and includes: 1863-1871, 1875-76, 1880-81, 1885-86, 1890-91, 1895-96, 1900-01, 1905-06, 1910-11, 1915-16, 1920-21, 1925-26, 1930-31, 1935-36, 1940-41, 1946-1955

These include places such as Birregurra, Lorne, Winchelsea etc. which came under the Shire of Winchelsea.

Anglicans in Geelong 1842 – 1990

New book index added to Geelong & District Database.

Geelong & District Municipalities and Rate Books

Did you know that to research people in a region in Victoria it’s really important to know which municipality [council] they lived in at the time?  That’s because of the amalgamation of many councils in 1993-94.

The municipal records, such as rate books, are identified with the FORMER council name but may be in the possession of the CURRENT council.

How do you know which one to look for in Geelong & District?

It’s easy, just have a look at this web site.