Colac Cemetery burials

We have just added 12,211 entries to the Geelong & District Database – these are burials in Colac Cemetery [extracted from the headstones].

We have to thank Ian Marr for permission to include these entries in the Geelong & District Database – for anyone who hasn’t looked at Ian Marr’s Cemeteries of South Western Victoria then you are missing an amazing project.

You won’t find the entries in Ian’s on-line Surname Index because there are just too many – 12,211 entries and and more than 7,000 headstone photographs for the Colac Cemetery.  For the very large cemeteries in the region, they are included on the CD / DVD / USB instead of on-line – making sure that people can still search the thousands of other entries at all the smaller Cemeteries.

Ian has priced the complete set of cemeteries at an extremely affordable price and no-one should criticise him for trying to recoup some of the costs [including petrol] that he has expended over the years.  Congratulations Ian – a really fantastic job – and he’s still going!

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13 Responses to Colac Cemetery burials

  1. Julie says:

    Looks a great facility. Researching ELLIS who migrated to Geelong in 1854 from Elstead Surrey England.

    Any chance of adding a tweet button under the share section?

  2. Julie says:

    Susie, my that was quick! – Thank you!

    Now just about to Tweet the post above!

  3. Jamie Westwick says:

    Hi , I have a lot of family in Colac Cemetary , Westwick’s , Fisk’s , a few years ago I buried my Grandad Keith Thomas Fisk there but the last time I visited I couldn’t find him , could you please give my some guideance to his whereabouts in the cemetary , I think I should have had him put into his family plot then I could find him :)

  4. Carmel says:

    Suzie I am trying to find a man who is supposed to be buried at Colac. He died late 70s and his wife died early 50s. He was supposed to be John Jack and his wife Edith. Not on the headstone list, do you know where I can ask about those without headstones. Cannot find him in the index either so wondering if the name is right!

    • Susie Zada says:

      Hi Carmel,
      Does “supposed to be buried” and “supposed to be John Jack” mean that you have the death certificate to confirm this information? Is Jack the surname – i.e. John JACK and Edith JACK? There are probably as many people buried in cemeteries as appear on headstones so just because they’re not on the headstone index doesn’t mean they aren’t buried there. And if that’s the case, you do what you would do for any cemetery – contact the cemeteries trust. The details are all on the Geelong and Districts Cemeteries page as provided on the previous comment …
      Hope that helps …….. Susie Z. P.S. It’s Susie, not Suzie! :-)

      • Carmel says:

        Thanks Suzie, I do not have anything for him, cannot find the death in the index but mums cousin lived with him and her daughter says he was def buried there, I was aware that the headstones do not cover it all. I will try the cemetery trust.

  5. Susie Zada says:

    Hi Carmel,
    I’ll try again … it’s Susie, not Suzie!

  6. David Henderson says:

    Susie my name is David Henderson and my great Grandfather Walter Clark is buried in the Colac Cemetry.I had a look around today but couldn’t see it he died in 1941.I’m not certain about his wife as to whether they are buried in the same plot

    • Susie Zada says:

      Hi David, I’ve just checked and unfortunately the link on the GnD Database and web site are broken – Ian was one of those who had to change after Vicnet limited the sites they supported. I’ve now fixed both and as soon as I’ve finished this I’ll also update the link in the blog above. Colac Cemetery is not online – only on Ian’s DVD and I can endorse first-hand the value of Ian’s DVD – worth every cent and more. I can also confirm that the DVD includes a photo of Walter CLARK’s headstone which includes his wife Jane – as I said, worth every cent!

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